The School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Camerino was founded in the Papal States under the pontificate of Leone XII as a result of the issuing of the papal bulls "Quod divina sapientia" of 1824 and "Ordinationes Sacrae Congregationis Studiorum" of 18 August 1826 that aimed to unify the State regulations. Initially the veterinary studies were established within the Faculty of Human Medicine and the curriculum was defined as School of Low Veterinary Medicine, being organised as second-class School. 
After the unification of Italy the veterinary curricula were restructured according to a new State Law. The so called “Regulation Mamiani” of 8th December 1860 recognized only the veterinary curricula of the Universities of Turin, Milan and Naples as Higher Schools of Veterinary Medicine (according to the Royal Decree of 24th September 1861). All the other veterinary curricula (including the one of the UNICAM) were defined as “secondary schools”. 
The Veterinary School of Camerino kept such a denomination until 1882 when it was changed into Higher School of Veterinary Medicine (although only the first two years of course were implemented) and aggregated to the so called “free” University of Camerino. The status of “free” University provided that the institution was not supported with State funds and the municipality was obliged to integrate the real estate tax due to the State. The Royal Decree of 29th January 1891 defined a common regulation for all Veterinary Schools of the Kingdom of Italy, excluding Perugia and Camerino, which belonged to “free” Universities. In 1928 the degree course in Veterinary Medicine of the UNICAM became a complete course (all four years were implemented). 
In those years the Veterinary School of the UNICAM had a set of buildings which was remarkable for the time. In 1930 the Rector of the UNICAM promulgated the statute of the School, which was similar to those of the other Higher Schools of Veterinary Medicine. 
The Royal Decree of 31st August 1933 set a common curriculum for all the Italian Schools of Veterinary Medicine and changed them into Faculties of Veterinary Medicine aggregated to the universities (in this case to the University of Camerino) from 1934. 
The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Camerino was suppressed in 1958 due to the nationalization of universities. Thirty years later the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was established again by law Decree no. 168 of 9th May 1989 within the four-year development plan of the UNICAM for 1986-1990. Shortly thereafter it was decided that the Faculty should be placed in Matelica, a small town 15 km north from Camerino, where it is now located. 
At the present the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, that has been changed into School of Veterinary Medical Sciences in 2009 and lately merged into School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine, offers different undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as continuing education initiatives. It is a specific and unique educational institution within the Marche Region and thus particularly keen in trying to fulfil the needs of its stakeholders. The local authorities (the Marche Region, the municipality of Matelica, the Local Land Caretaker Association “Comunità Montana” and the “ENI E. Mattei” Foundation) are highly interested in the role and function of the School of Veterinary Medical Sciences and show a great deal of interest in the development of the many functions of the School in a way which often exceeds what is normally expected from a stakeholder. 

In 2011, the School of Veterinary Medical Sciences was fully approved for the compliance to the European Training Standards in Veterinary Medicine byEAEVE/FVE (ECOVE).